Make the most of your InDesign with your iPad!

Get your InDesign layout on iPad

Preview and change InDesign layouts Anytime and Anywhere!

Select text frame and start editing the content

Save time during meetings and leave with a finished publication!

Select graphic frame: change colours, stroke, geometry…

Make changes of your InDesign layouts on the road!

Crop, resize and (re)place images

Watch Video 30-days trial
Adapted to iPad Pro

What’s “Design Touch”

A free iPad application that’s allows you to :
  • get your InDesign layout on iPad with perfect quality with your styles, colors...

  • review and change content easily (text, frames, images),

  • instantly preview and update your changes.

  • share and export modified layouts on your cloud account (Dropbox or Google Drive). Your assets is under your control, nothing outside!

  • Download the free app from the AppStore
    * you’ll be granted 3 openings of native layouts (indd), 3 previews and 3 updates after making changes.
    Unlike online web-editor, Design Touch provides :
  • high performances cause it is native iOS application,
  • rich UI/UX: tap, pinch, swipe…
  • Download the free app from the AppStore

    Want to try more layouts
    * you’ll be granted upload of unlimited layouts for 30-days, 3 previews and 3 updates after making changes.

    Who uses Design Touch?

    “Design Touch” is a must-have application for various actors in publishing industry:
    publishers, chief editor, designers, editors, authors, proofreaders,…
    “Design Touch” is very easy to install, can be used as standalone app. or included into existing workflow. Increase your productivity with small budget: No need to install heavy and expensive software, no multiple licences/subscriptions.

    Designer(s) create beautiful document in Adobe InDesign, and content needs to be signed-off by customer or a colleague that doesn’t have InDesign or doesn’t know how to use it.

    With “Design Touch”
    Get the layout on iPad with full fidelity, to change, just tap and start change text, frames, images etc. Preview, refresh, iterate and once happy, send it back to the designer and that's all. No multiple rounds of corrections, no more PDF, annotations…

    How Design Touch works?